ARENYS DE MAR - January 8 - March 9

  •  January 8, 2018

    Today, January 8, 2018, we have started our  formatión course in juniors and young escolapias in Arenys de Mar. We are all 17 escolapias sisters  accompanied by Olga Montoya and Mª Carmen López from the Congregatión General, and Laude Cuevas from the Province of Cataluña. Existing here the richness of languages and cultures participating  escolapias in the four continents where we are presents.


    We started our day by praying the morning prayer.After the breakfast we have had our firts activity presenting  and sharing  our symbols expressing the significant of consecrated life to each one of us.Then after we celebrate the Eucharist with  the Capochin Father.In the afternoon,we have recieve the greetings from  our Mother General Divina García,through letters.


    Then we have given our orientations on how we are going to do as one community being form during this two months.


    We finish the afternoon by  visiting the places of Madre Paula in Arenys. We end our day by praying our evening prayer and  at the end we remember Mary our Mother  through the invocation of We fly to your patronage trusting to her this formation course .



  •  January 9, 2018

    We have combined the personal work with different techniques that have helped us to enter  in the topic.


    We have lived an intense day recognizing our emotions and feelings.


    We have  been also our visitors one teacher with her family from our school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  •  January 11,  2018

    We continue our training of self knowledge in Arenys de Mar.Through different dynamics Urszula helping us to deepen our basic human needs.We ratify our require works in community. We celebrate also with joy our faith.
  • January 12-14,  2018

    Friday January 12 we started the community prayer and the Eucharist. We shared our feelings regarding the dynamics of how is our “good morning”. Crossing the different dynamics she entrusted us the work of knowing ourselves that helps us to have the clear conscience in our needs and resolved the conflicts that rises. One of the dynamics which was mentions which significant in our life history. We were gathered together celebrating the gift of life of our sister, Antonieta Sitoy who is celebrating her birthday. The following day we started the same as what we did during the fast days. Like the central theme were working the transactional analysis, “my father, my adult, and my child.” In the afternoon were working our communication which was relevance the active listening and assertive communication. After the dinner we had our first communitarian reunion evaluating the first week of our course and planning the responsibilities during the coming days. Sunday 14 of January, we finish the module of self knowledge and personal integration with the simple self evaluation. Continuing our proper Escolapias tradition we have had our Eucharistic adoration in the afternoon. Before the dinner we have had our first communitarian outing on the sea of Arenys de Mar. We conclude our day with the presentation of Cataluña province made by Martha Ribera and Laude Cuevas. With the grateful hearts with our sister Urszula with her cooperation in our course. Thank you also for our Delegation sisters in Polonia for all the details and their generosity.
  • January 15,  2018

    Today, 15 of January we started like the past few days we prayed the Morning Prayer and celebrated the Holy Eucharist. After the breakfast we bed good bye to our sister Urszula. With Cristina Montel, we started the module of interiority. We began with the meditation accompanied by the music. In continuation with our activities we were invited to paint our mud dress as response we were being asks to explain this artistic works and try to answer the following questions. • Who I am? • How I am? • What story I am living? • What color I am. In the afternoon, Cristina prepared a meditative prayer with a dance where we offered our works of arts realized in the morning and we lighted up the candles as we prayed our intentions and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • January 16-17,  2018

    We started the day, after the communitarian prayer with one meditation which Cristina prepared entitle,”Until the heart of stone, until the heart of God”. In continuation, we have had a sharing dynamics we have answered the given questions with a partner realizing the symbols which represents in our encounter. Once again we put it in common. After the pause, Cristina continued the second part.”Until the heart of Jesus.” In the afternoon, we have had invented in the group a contemplative dance, in afternoon prayer serve as an act of grace to God. On the next day we started the activity with one meditation which is called “The life circle.”After the meditative prayer we were invited to reflect near the “The tree of life.” Once we finish the reflection, we shared the experience completing it with the lecture praying the “the interior castles. Finally, we end the morning with a contemplative dance. In the afternoon, we started with one dynamic entitled “The appointment clock “that facilitated the evaluation of what worked during the module. We finish the afternoon with the evening prayer prepared by Cristina. We appreciate the presence of Cristina Montel, who with her experience
  • January 18,  2018

    Today , January in Arenys, after saying goodbye to Cristina Montel, we started our module of “Acompañamiento”accompaniment with Arancha Bocigas,Sch.P. After we present or we express our expectation on our course. She explained the topic entitled.: "An accompaniment model". In the afternoon, we started doing an exercise on personal accompaniment .The we continue to deepen the theory of personality.
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