ARENYS DE MAR - January 8 - March 9

  •  January 8, 2018

    Today, January 8, 2018, we have started our  formatión course in juniors and young escolapias in Arenys de Mar. We are all 17 escolapias sisters  accompanied by Olga Montoya and Mª Carmen López from the Congregatión General, and Laude Cuevas from the Province of Cataluña. Existing here the richness of languages and cultures participating  escolapias in the four continents where we are presents.


    We started our day by praying the morning prayer.After the breakfast we have had our firts activity presenting  and sharing  our symbols expressing the significant of consecrated life to each one of us.Then after we celebrate the Eucharist with  the Capochin Father.In the afternoon,we have recieve the greetings from  our Mother General Divina García,through letters.


    Then we have given our orientations on how we are going to do as one community being form during this two months.


    We finish the afternoon by  visiting the places of Madre Paula in Arenys. We end our day by praying our evening prayer and  at the end we remember Mary our Mother  through the invocation of We fly to your patronage trusting to her this formation course .



  •  January 9, 2018

    We have combined the personal work with different techniques that have helped us to enter  in the topic.


    We have lived an intense day recognizing our emotions and feelings.


    We have  been also our visitors one teacher with her family from our school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  •  January 11,  2018

    We continue our training of self knowledge in Arenys de Mar.Through different dynamics Urszula helping us to deepen our basic human needs.We ratify our require works in community. We celebrate also with joy our faith.
  • January 12-14,  2018

    Friday January 12 we started the community prayer and the Eucharist. We shared our feelings regarding the dynamics of how is our “good morning”. Crossing the different dynamics she entrusted us the work of knowing ourselves that helps us to have the clear conscience in our needs and resolved the conflicts that rises. One of the dynamics which was mentions which significant in our life history. We were gathered together celebrating the gift of life of our sister, Antonieta Sitoy who is celebrating her birthday. The following day we started the same as what we did during the fast days. Like the central theme were working the transactional analysis, “my father, my adult, and my child.” In the afternoon were working our communication which was relevance the active listening and assertive communication. After the dinner we had our first communitarian reunion evaluating the first week of our course and planning the responsibilities during the coming days. Sunday 14 of January, we finish the module of self knowledge and personal integration with the simple self evaluation. Continuing our proper Escolapias tradition we have had our Eucharistic adoration in the afternoon. Before the dinner we have had our first communitarian outing on the sea of Arenys de Mar. We conclude our day with the presentation of Cataluña province made by Martha Ribera and Laude Cuevas. With the grateful hearts with our sister Urszula with her cooperation in our course. Thank you also for our Delegation sisters in Polonia for all the details and their generosity.
  • January 15,  2018

    Today, 15 of January we started like the past few days we prayed the Morning Prayer and celebrated the Holy Eucharist. After the breakfast we bed good bye to our sister Urszula. With Cristina Montel, we started the module of interiority. We began with the meditation accompanied by the music. In continuation with our activities we were invited to paint our mud dress as response we were being asks to explain this artistic works and try to answer the following questions. • Who I am? • How I am? • What story I am living? • What color I am. In the afternoon, Cristina prepared a meditative prayer with a dance where we offered our works of arts realized in the morning and we lighted up the candles as we prayed our intentions and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • January 16-17,  2018

    We started the day, after the communitarian prayer with one meditation which Cristina prepared entitle,”Until the heart of stone, until the heart of God”. In continuation, we have had a sharing dynamics we have answered the given questions with a partner realizing the symbols which represents in our encounter. Once again we put it in common. After the pause, Cristina continued the second part.”Until the heart of Jesus.” In the afternoon, we have had invented in the group a contemplative dance, in afternoon prayer serve as an act of grace to God. On the next day we started the activity with one meditation which is called “The life circle.”After the meditative prayer we were invited to reflect near the “The tree of life.” Once we finish the reflection, we shared the experience completing it with the lecture praying the “the interior castles. Finally, we end the morning with a contemplative dance. In the afternoon, we started with one dynamic entitled “The appointment clock “that facilitated the evaluation of what worked during the module. We finish the afternoon with the evening prayer prepared by Cristina. We appreciate the presence of Cristina Montel, who with her experience
  • January 18,  2018

    Today , January in Arenys, after saying goodbye to Cristina Montel, we started our module of “Acompañamiento”accompaniment with Arancha Bocigas,Sch.P. After we present or we express our expectation on our course. She explained the topic entitled.: "An accompaniment model". In the afternoon, we started doing an exercise on personal accompaniment .The we continue to deepen the theory of personality.
  • January 19-20,  2018

    We start our work of today with one prayer entitled “Haced hermanos “which means “Do brothers”. After that, Arancha continue with the theme the previous given emphasis the model of auto transcendence inconsistence of the theory of Personality. In the afternoon we continued our work with the same theme. The Saturday January 20, we were working for different theme throughout the day. First we resume the previous topic of the day. In continuation, develop all the spiritual discernment. We finish the day by sharing the two fares with the propose questions. During our rest we have had our visitor, the Mother Provincial of Cataluña, Immaculada Oromi. In the afternoon, we saw the key for discernment of apostles and the scholar accompaniment. We finish the day with the communitarian reunion. We thanks for the life of our sister Perlita Secuya who celebrates her Birthday. Thankful with all our hearts to our sister Arancha Bocigas,Sch.P. for all her works and sharing with us during the fast few days.
  • January 21,  2018

    Today, 21 of January, Maria del Carmen Lopez, Sch.P. start her course for us, in the topic entitled “Laudato Si”. She shares to us the encyclical of Pope Francis on taking care our mother earth. She share us general vision of the encyclical and after we have had a reflection for the group. After our rest we have had our communitarian outing .We visited the cemetery of Arenys de Mar and we prayed our diseased sisters, were buried there. In returning the house we continued our work, with Maria del Carmen. Today also our sister Francisca Baez, renovate her vows. Accompanied in the Eucharistic celebration, the Mother Provincial in Cataluña, Immaculada Oromi and M. Amparo Garrigues. We end the day with the presentation of the presence of the Piarist sisters in Ecuador being shared to us by our sister Francisca.
  • January 22-23,  2018

    In our works of today, Monday, 22 of January, after the breakfast, we realized our first activities on the sea: we meditate all the elements in contact with nature. After we went back, we shared a little what we do or meditate in the sea, and then continue our work with the Encyclical Laudato Si”. In the afternoon, we were working in a group with different chapters in the document and prepare one presentation in the morning. Then we also pray part of the bible text about creation. We pass the beautiful day in contact with the natures. We give thanks to the Lord for giving us his creation. In the following day, we present our group work of yesterday. We presented it creatively, interesting and full of information. We were being help to reflect about to care our house in common, the creation. In the afternoon, we finalize with chapter 4 entitled “Education and Spiritual Ecology. In continuation, we share the conclusion and compromise in order to concretized the life containing in our reflection during the day. We give thanks our Sr. Mª Carmen Lopez for her generous contribution in our formation.
  • January 24,  2018

    Today, January 24, we have had our first communitarian excursion in form of journey. We have visited first the monastery of Montserrat where we celebrated the Eucharist. Before the mass will start we have had our short prayer in the chapel of the Virgin of Montserrat, we put under the protection all the intentions of Pope Francis ,Our Mother General and the intentions of all in our congregation. After the mass, Mr. Abad explained the story of the Monastery who celebrated there 425 years as Basilica. Before going back to the car we visited the statue of M. Paula. We visited Igualada College as 2nd place .There our sisters prepared snacks .In a moment we have nice encounter with the children. In the same place our journey we went to Olesa de Montserrat, where our Mother Foundress, Paula Montalt was buried.We visited all the significant places in the house. We prayed our short and evening prayer in the college chapel, in front of the remain of our Mother Foundres. We finish the day sharing our heavy snacks with our sisters in Olesa and the Provincial of Cataluña. We were thankful for all the details we receive, for the entire preparations of our sisters in different places were we pass by.
  • January 25,  2018

    Today January 25, we initiate the module entitled “Christology” with Capuchin Fr. Josep Manuel Vallejo. We started listening entitled” Jesus “sung by the group of Ain Kareem. In continuation, realizing the introduction of the theme and tells us the first point in the situation of Christology inside the theology. In the afternoon, we were looking for the theology of each Gospel. Then we continue with our personal and group works. We finish the day with the presentation of the Province of Argentina shared by Lorena Silva.
  • January 26-27,  2018

    Today we continue the module “Christology”. Josep Manuel clarified some topics provoking in the Gospel. In the afternoon, he explained the action of Jesus: curing, eating, electing of the apostles and the parables. We have had our group work which we were being task to find what Jesus is saying about the Reign of God. This Saturday, we begin with the reflection within the group work on that day. In continuation, we treat those parables, those blessedness, The Father. He went solving the differences of doubt that comes in inside the theme. During dinner we eat together with our sisters in the Province of Cataluña which have their formation encounter also. We finish our module of Christology celebrating the Judeo Paschal. During our celebration we were very emotional and with one profound remembrance in the ultimate dinner of Jesus with his disciples. We give thanks to Josep Manuel Vallejo, Capuchin, for all his time and effort in our formation.
  • January 28,  2018

    Today, January 28 we started our module six with Jose Roman Flecha, Diocesan Priest, entitled Moral Fundamental theology. After our communitarian Paseo in the place of Areny´s de Mar we continue our work with José Román. After the dinner, we have the presentation in the Province of Columbia shared by Olga, Nancy, Gina y Alexandra.
  • January 29-30,  2018

    Today, the 2nd day with the module of José-Román Flecha, we study the Moral in the New Testament and the human Acts. In the afternoon, our Sr. Laude Cuevas give Español class some of our sisters in order to help them to learn and understand more. Tuesday January 30, is the last day of our module. We’ve discuss how to solve the doubt over the theme. After the snacks we finish the theme of the module. In the afternoon, we had our practical activity with the Center theme, “The Moral in the Beatitudes of Jesus’ like paradigm of the values. We end the work with one session in his radio program was called” El Sembrador “or the sower”. We give thanks to Father José-Román Flecha for all his sharing during those days.
  • January 31,  2018

    Today , 31  we started our  module in the “Liturgy” with Ramón Julià, Sch.P.


    During all days he speaks  the entire parts of the  Eucharist .


  • February 1-2,  2018

    We start in the month of February continuing with the module of” liturgy “deepening on the theme. Ramón explain to us the Liturgy of the hours, through the cycle, the Vatican II program “Principles lines!, the essential value of the Liturgy of the hour  in  the life of the church and the the Liturgy of the hour factor of sanctity.


    Friday February 2 we celebrate the Presentation of the Lord, the anniversary of the profession of our Mother Foundries M. Paula Montal, and the day of Consecrated Life. We were united in thanksgiving o our sisters Olga, Consuelo and Lorena for the gift and for their fidelity to the Lord in their consecration


    We finish the module of Liturgy. We give thanks to Ramón Juliá, Sch.P. for his generosity and wisdom sharing with us this passing day.


  • February 3,  2018

    The Fr. Aitor Jimenez   Claretian introduces the module. We started our new topic entitled “Canon Law” with interesting and reflexive dialogue near our canon proper. In order to finalize the work, we have given the task in a group looking in our constitutions our spiritual heritage: nature, charism, fin, spirituality and mission. It is a full day, content interpellations entire in our Escolapias identity.

  • February 4-5,  2018

    We start putting in common our group works in the entire afternoon. In continuation, we were talking about our religious consecration and our vows. In the afternoon after the communitarian outing, Fr. Continue the theme and after we have our personal works and group works. At the end of the afternoon, our mother general Divina Garcia, who stay with us for one day. We end the session with the presentation o the Province o California-Mexico shared for M. Carmen, Consuelo and Juanita. The next day we started sharing the group work of yesterday. Afterwards the Father told us about how Canon Law insists on the importance of healing the life of prayer priority of our religious being. He also emphasized community and poverty as essential elements of our lives. We ended the day with a film entitled: "Quién sabe cuánto cuesta hacer un ojal?" Father Albert Hurtado. We thank Father Aitor Jiménez for his generosity, his closeness and his wisdom that he shared with us.
  • February 6-7,  2018

    Today Tuesday, February 6, we had a festive day and rest. With Divina Garcia the mother general we celebrated his birthday, giving thanks to God for her life, its purpose and its donation to Escolapias, with a Eucharistic celebration by father Capuchin. We continued the celebration of the birthday anniversary with a banquet that Dolores and Ramón have prepared with a lot of love. In the evening we had a beautiful recreational vigil in which we dance, and sing. The next day we had our second communitarian excursion. We visited Figueras and Sabadell. We prayed the evening Prayer in the living room in Sabadell Novitiate where M. Paula was responsible in the formation of the first Novitiate. We thank our sisters for their good accommodation and all the details. Tomorrow, February 8 we have our Spiritual exercises with Angel Moreno until 15 of February. We unite our prayer for them.
  • February 8-14,  2018

    February 8-14 we have been our spiritual retreat with Father Angel Moreno de Buenafuente with the presence of M. General, Divina Garcia. Apart of it we deepened and meditated the mystery of the Rosary looking on the life of Jesus with the eyes of Mary. We lived in deep encounter with Jesus. The reflexión of Father Angel enriching us and helped us in order to encounter with the Lord through his words. We were grateful for him for sharing with us his wisdom during those days.
  • February 15,  2018

    Today February 15, after the breakfast we visited Mataro where Madre Paula has direct relation with the Escolapios Priest. Fr. Ramon Julia Sch.P. bringing us in the Church of St. Anne College. After, we went to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria. We end our visit drinking the chocolates with choros, remembering the costume of Madre Paula sharing chocolates with the children.
  • February 16,  2018

    We started the module of Spirituality and Calasanz Pedagogy with Ángel Ayala, Sch.P. A beautiful intense day and full of Calasanz content with much creative dynamics. Ángel ,ask us to tell something about some important dates but we failed in telling so he told us the important of knowing more Madre Paula and Calasanz, because if we don´t know them how to love and followed them. We end the day with the presentation of our sister´s mission in India prepared by jasmine Nelson.
  • February 17-18,  2018

    We started the day sharing in the group our reasons that we keep during few days. After we were seeing the video clip of the Billy Elliot in order to introduced the elements of the Spirituality. In the afternoon, Ángel explained to us first in moments, the elements that have all the spirituality. Once we finished, those concrete we put and work in a group as middle and one of the most creative dynamic. In following day, we finish the work in a group in continuation of the entire day. Once we finalized, we went to different place where each group presented were much beauty and creativities. In the afternoon we dedicated working personally the three writings of Calasanz and we write one letter. We give thanks Angel for his fraternal presence with us and all the sharing during those days. We end the working day with the presentation of our mission in Vietnam shared to us by Thao Nguyen.
  • February 19,  2018

    Today, February 19 we started our new module entitled: Spirituality and Pedagogy of St. Paula Montalt with Magdalena Soriano Sch.P. In the morning we were working the biography and the image of Madre Paula seeing with the different persons. Started in the afternoon with personal work, those consist in writing like they foresee and understand a Paula Montalt. After our group sharing, Magdalena explained to us the familiar cultural influence, educative capuchin and teresiana in the Spirituality of Paula.
  • February 20-21,  2018

    Today, we started sharing our yesterday personal work inside our personal influence familiar and cultural in our spirituality. We explained also where and when we encounter the Spirituality of Paula. After the sharing, Magdalena finish explaining the theme of Spirituality which started in the fast days. In the afternoon, we started with the Pedagogy of Paula. On the following day we continue the module of Spirituality and Pedagogy of St. Paula Montal. We give thanks to Magdalena Soriano, her nearness, simple, wisdom and love to Madre Paula sharing with us during these fast few days. We end the working day with the presentation of our mission in Senegal shared by Eugénie Babéne, Susanne Ndione, Concha Diatta and Massilia Diédhiou.We give thanks for the company of the Mother Provincial, Immaculada Oromí.
  • February 22,  2018

    Arenys de Mar, February 22, 2018. We began the module of the Vows with Mrs. José Mompó, Sch.P.

    In the morning she introduced to us the theme in general way. After we have a time for personal work then with the group.

    In the evening, we worked for Consecrated Chastity and we did some dynamic of personal work.  



  • February 23-25,  2018

    Today, second day of working with the module of vows with Maria José. We started the working day with the vows of Consecrated Poverty.  After the pause we did one activity that consist discerning the quality of the sister admire and desire to have. One dynamic most interesting that helps us to take conscience and aware of our gifts. In the afternoon Maria José continue with the theme in the poverty, we finish with one personal reflection and a group sharing. We finish with the presentation of our mission in Guinea Equatorial prepared and shared by Alexandra Delgado and Laude Cuevas.


    The next day, we began, in a prayerful environment, sharing the psalms we wrote the day before. Next, M. José spoke to us about the vow of consecrated obedience. We concluded the morning with a dynamic that consisted of molding a clay figure following the instructions given.  A dynamic,that allowed us to see how God works in each person as a good potter.

    We started the afternoon finishing the dynamics of the morning. Then we concluded the topic and did a group reflection work. After dinner, we had the rehearsal of the Eucharistic celebration of the Feast of Mother Paula that will take place on Monday February 26 at 20:00 in the parish of Arenys de Mar. They are all invited.


    Today, February 25, we have completed the module with the fourth vow, our mission in the Church. In the evening prayer we renewed our vows. We finished the day with the presentation of our mission in the Philippines by Antonieta Sitoy.

  • February 26,  2018: Feast day of our Foundries St. Paula Montal

    We started the module in the community life with Maria Del Carmen. After the introduction we were form in working community where we realize the first activity.


    After the lunch we visited the College of Masnou to celebrate together with the students the Feast day of Madre Paula.


    At the end of the day we celebrate with joyful song the Eucharist of the solemnity of Madre Paula in the Parish of Arenys de Mar.


    We give thanks to God for the life of Madre Paula.


  • February 27,  2018

    Today, February 27 we finished the module of community life.


    In the morning, a part of the video Maria Del Carmen was shared the reflection of the essential values of community life. After the community we were asked to share what we´ve shared in the group.

    During the afternoon, we conclude the module, we pray in the afternoon thanking God for the gift of the community and each sister.


    We finish the working day with a creative dynamic within the entire theme.


    We give thanks to Maria Del Carmen for sharing to us, the pedagogy, knowledge, and her community experienced, sharing with us these fast few days. Her interventions have been help us to take conscience that the community is an essential element in our life.


  • March 1-3,  2018

    During three days of working in our constitutions, we´ve prayed and reflect each chapter with diverse methodology and creativity.  Olga with all her interventions in her experiences helps us to have conscience of our constitutions as gospel for us.


    Through one of the readings of our constitutions we have sincerely called to walk, in the way, the truth and life. It must been our   great pleasure to listen the sharing of each sisters.  We are very grateful for all we’ve received.


  • March 4-5,  2018

    We continue the module of our Constitutions with our sister Olga Montoya. During all our working day we may be able to explain creatively our group work of yesterday within the three chapters in our constitutions.


    • Direct Principles and Obligations.

    • The Local Community.

    • The Provincial community.


    We finish the working day with the presentation of the General Congregation shared by our sisters, responsible in our formation, Olga Montoya and Maria Del Carmen López.


    March 5th. We concluded the Constitutions module with Olga Montoya, Sch.P.


    Today we have worked in a group in the last chapters. After we shared the reflection of each group, there was a moment of clarification on doubts that arose during the group works. We ended by praying with the Constitutions and sharing what we experienced during these days of prayer and reflection. We thank our sister Olga for her donation, her knowledge in sharing and clarifications on our Constitutions which are our Gospel.


  • March 6,  2018

    Today, March 6 we realized our final communitarian outing.

    In the morning, after we celebrate the Eucharist in the Basilica of la Purísima Conceptión in Barcelona, we visited the college of Llúria where the Mother Provincial of Cataluña, Immaculada Oromí waiting for us and Conxa Macip.


    After the first outing, they welcome us and guides us   the college and explained to us the history. In continuation, we were been offered food to eat. At the end we went to the Holy family church where Jaume de Lamo, member of the group in titled of the foundation and director of San Martin College.  He has an extra ordinary guide for the Basilica.

    We were grateful for his closeness, disponibility and self giving for us.


    Once we finish the visit we went to the San Martin College where our sisters, Consuelo, Pilar, Margarita and Desi where waiting with much care in order to share with us in the afternoon. After   eating Teresa Subirats and Emma Brújula, head of studies and director of pedagogy, guide us in the college. We went for a moment sharing with the children in different courses or level. We were thankful with our sisters and the teachers for their welcoming attitude and generosity.

    After, we went to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, and the Cathedral of Barcelona.

    We end our visit with the delicious ice cream. We give thanks to our sisters responsible for the details.


    Arriving at the house of Arenys, were our Mother General are waiting for us, Amparo Blanco and Carmen Cabrerizo. It was a beautiful and pleasant surprise. After the dinner the Mother General, Divina García, she told us a few words of goodbye. The Congregation General were giving us the biscuits that made by Dolores, sisters in the community of Rome, who prepared with much care.


    We were grateful with all our hearts  our sisters in the congregation General Divina García Mother  General, Amparo Blanco, Carmen Cabrerizo, Olga Montoya y Maria del Carmen López for all the time dedicated to think and organize our formation.


  • March 7,  2018

    We have started today the last module of our formation course in Arenys de Mar. Our sister Carmen Cabrerizo, Sch.P has told us about the economy in Religious Life and its relation to the vows of poverty. He also shared with us some resonances about the Symposium on the economy that was held in 2014 in Rome.


    In the afternoon, the explanation in the morning continued and he introduced to us the topic of accounting. Next, we have done a work-reflection by groups.

    At the end of the afternoon we celebrated the Eucharist in the Parish of Arenys de Mar.


  • March 8,  2018

    Today, 8 of March we finished the module of the aspects of economy. We were grateful to our sister Carmen Cabrerizo for all the sharing during those days.


    We did a reflection and calling us to have conscience of our responsibility in the community on how we live in our vows of  poverty.


    We finish the working day with a fun evening.


  • March 8,  2019

    Today, 9 of March we have had , with our dynamics of reflection  and words of thanksgiving, the closing of our encounter of Juniors and Young  Escolapias.


    At  the moment the time  to thank the Mother general, Divina Garia, and her Council, for all the interest and dedication that they have had for this meeting. We thank the Province of the Province of Catalonia for its welcome and details and each one of our demarcations for having us the gift this training.


    God bless them.