Piarist into Indonesia

Our Mission History

Last August 2, 2014 at around eleven in the evening, the two first missionaries, Sr. Monalisa Buton and Sr. Elenlie Alvarado, accompanied by Sr. Teresa Fernández, Provincial Superior of Our Lady of Asia and Sr. Estrella Bordalba, Delegate Superior of the Philippines arrived in Indonesia to open a new Escolapian mission in this country. They were welcomed by the Piarist Fathers in their Community in Tini, Atambua. They were having shelter in the convent of the Piarist Fathers for a week. Then on August 9, 2014, they transferred to the house they rented owned by Mr. Ansel Ngamo. It was just a walking distance from the convent of the Piarist Fathers where they have their daily Eucharist. The first thing the Sisters were concern of was to learn the language in order to interact with the People. Fr. Victor Gil Grande, a Piarist, helped the Sisters to look for a teacher to teach them the Bahasa Language. Aside from the professional teacher who taught them the language, the Sisters also have the chance to practice their language with the children every afternoon where they were having English class with them. After a month the two sisters could already interact with the people around with the few words they learned. At the beginning they were only engaged in giving English class with the children every afternoon. Aside from the English class with the children, every Saturday night they have catechesis and bible sharing with the children around who are catholic. Also they were dedicating more on vocation promotion in schools and different parishes. A year after, the Piarist Fathers already transferred to their new house located in Nekafehan which a bit far from the place where the sisters are currently staying. From that time, the sisters have to walked almost an hour every day in order to have the daily Eucharist. They have to leave the house at 5:00 a.m in order to reach the mass at 6:00. Its been a month they were in such a situation until the sisters decided to look for another house to rent near to the Piarist Fathers for the sake of the daily Eucharist. Thanks be to God they were able to find a house very near to the Piarist which is five minutes walk distance only. It was located in Halefehan. The house was very simple but conducive to live as a convent and its very peaceful. So with two reasons the sisters took this house. First it is very cheap compared to the first house they rented and second; it is very near to the Piarist. Last May 2, 2016 almost two years after the sisters arrived in this place, it was for them a great day of jubilation because at last they were already accepted by the bishop Mgsr. Dominikus Saku, Bishop Of Atambua and was given the permission to share in the pastoral work of the diocese. With the letter of acceptance from the Diocese, Saint Paula Community was officially erected as New Community on August 19, 2016 by the Mother General with the Decree of Erection Protocol 86/2016. With the grace of God and with the generosity of the Institute, at last after four years of presence in this country, we already bought a house and lot owned by the institute which we can now called our own. The house and lot was bought last May 24, 2018. It was located at Jln. Lilin,Nekafehan, Atambua, Belu, NTT, Indonesia. Address St. Paula Community (Susteran Skolapias) RW 01/RT 14 -Jln. Lilin, Nekafehan Kel. Tulamalae, Kec. Atambua Barat Kab. Belu, Prov. NTT INDONESIA Apostolate: Being in a Muslim country wherein everything is monitored by the government, the sisters even after many years staying in the country, they only have a tourist visa and with that visa they are not allowed to engage in any gainful activities. So their main activities is working for vocation. Every afternoon they have non formal classes with the children from kindergarten to high school. They have it in the house. They received compensation based on the generosity of the parents who valued the work of the sisters in teaching their children. Aside from the classes with the children during weekdays, on Saturdays they have an apostolate with children and parents who don’t know how to read and write. Those who already know how to read and write, they taught English and catechesis always inserting the spirit of Madre Paula. Also Sr. Monalisa is helping in one of the catholic schools in the diocese as a Guidance Counselor in order to have a participation in the pastoral work of the Diocese which is also in line with our charism nd mission.


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